Bikram Yoga, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is my favorite city in Europe. No matter what time of the year, I always love this city. Because my dad used to work there, I was lucky having always accommodation. Iceskating in front of the City Hall or enjoy eating frozen yoghurt in the Museum Quarter – there is always something going on in Vienna. Events such as street festivals, open-air film screenings, Christmas markets, concerts, theater, parties and many sporting events such as the annual Vienna Marathon and and and

Our apartment is ideally located close to the Prater, where you find a marked running track over 10 km. Sometimes I run, sometimes I use my Inline Skates. But sometimes I go to Bikram Yoga class.

Wien Sonnenaufgang

Bikram Yoga in Bali: Even going to the studio in Indonesia is thrilling and exciting event.

Bikram Yoga in Hamburg: I go there by car. Get off at the front door and have a walk of 1.5 minutes.

Everything is different here

In Vienna, however, I have to rely on public transport. Because I do not really like that, I try to change as less trains as possible. I walk 20 minutes to the subway and then go eight stations. After having arrived at the right station I walk 10 minutes to the studio. The feeling of “you can always turn around and go back” seems to last longer in Vienna than anywhere else.

IMG_7187Because the classes are often scheduled early in the morning, rethinking my activity is not really working. I tried out two studios. It seems to me that in Vienna there is a more serious, more spherical atmosphere. In one of the studios a gong is always marking the beginning of class. Every time at the end of class a man practices headstand and then he bends his body until he can see his own feet. He breathes so loud that the teacher comes in from outside again and asks him to soothe. He can’t. Breathing is important.

It is interesting to try many different studios and get to know more and more people. During class everyone is for himself and herself, engrossed in her and his own practice. But before and after class I get to know interesting people and learn about their reasons for attending Bikram Yoga classes.

Which is your favorite studio in Vienna? What do you think of the “spherical” – behavior which is often combined with yoga? Do you want to know more about Bikram Yoga – then read this article

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