Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand

134 meters in 8.5 seconds. Motivated, thrilled and excited we drive about 45 minutes to the jumping-off-point in a Minivan. The location for the jump is situated above the Nevis River. A small gondola takes us finally up to the take-off platform. There is special glass embedded in the ground, intending to increase the adrenaline level. And yes, it works!


Not only that I am allowed to jump first, I have to jump first. I feel relieved and at the same time incredibly nervous. Firstly a woman helps me putting on safety devices. I sit down on a chair that looks like the ones at the dentist’s. Also belts are attached to my feet. During the jump, I’m secured at the abdomen and the feet. The belt attached to my feet I can loosen by myself. For this I must pull a tape vigorously. I jump headfirst and then get hoisted up. In order to hang properly when I get pulled back up and to avoid getting a bright red head, I am supposed to loosen the lock on the feet while bouncing back. Because of the exciting situation already this seems to be a great challenge.

Bungee NZ

and then its my turn..

Done with security precautions, a man pushes me slightly to the edge of the platform. Because a counterweight hangs on my feet and my feet are tied together, walking is difficult. While standing at the edge. I’m supposed to look straight ahead and see huge mountains, which suddenly seem to be very small. The additional weight now is already hanging over the edge and gives me a little push. The woman, who has secured me, holds my belt firmly and finally counts down from three to one. I feel shaky and am afraid. Clenching my teeth and just do it. Three, Two One, Go! With the last “Go,” she gives me a little pat and I spread my arms and jump. My body is flying towards the ground. The river, which looked tiny from above, is getting bigger and bigger. After the free fall I start immediately to loosen the belt at my feet. I pull the string hard and quickly I am pulled back in an upright position. In retrospect, I am impressed about how well-done my jump was.

Overwhelmed by my experience I’m waiting for my friend to be done as well. When she has mastered everything very well, she has a fear of heights, she wants to jump again.

Pumped full with adrenaline we plan to jump next time in South Africa. I wonder when I can report about this experience!

Have you ever done a bungee jump? If so, when and where? Have you ever jumped in Queenstown?


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