Citytrip, New York City, USA

“I found cheap flights to New York City.. Only we have to go next week,” a friend told me. I take her by her words, as always, when it is about travelling, very serious. I am absolutely thrilled about the idea to fly during our Easter break to the city that has already impressed me when I was a little kid. I really want to experience it again with a more adult mind. So it happens that we fly for a few days to New York. We need to book different flights, because my friend gets Bonus Miles from her dad.


Our hostel, the YMCA, offers us a bunk bed and luckily our bags fit into the same room. The shower is in the hallway. We are enthusiastic about the central location. The tourist program is on the agenda. MOMA, daily breakfast at the Central Park (most important meal, so we afford banana bread at Starbucks), Manhattan, Soho, Empire State Building, Brooklyn, and and and. Our ticket for the Empire State Building includes a free boat trip, where you can admire the famous skyline and the Statue of Liberty. We have fantastic weather and the tour turns out to be the best experience of these days. It is super convenient to make a “city tour on the water”. One learns the most interesting things and can keep one’s head in the warm breeze.


Sport travel?

Now you surely wonder what does this have to do with sports? City trips are like alpine hikes. In the evening, the feet hurt, I’m exhausted and tired. The views and the explorations are what the running around rewards.

Our hostel indeed is central; nevertheless there are occasionally longer ways. We decide to walk everywhere, not only to save money but also to see more. The interesting things we discover when traveling are often in small alleys. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a boutique. Guides are helpful, however, exploring on our own is more fun and we get to know more background of the place.

NY- Statue of Liberty

This New York trip has taught me that I do not need to have a strict plan in order to feel the city. In small cafes we look for very busy people. Either they discuss gesticulating with their neighbor or with their tablet or they write on the keyboard of their computers, as I do now. In New York City people who go for a coffee seem not to do so because of the coffee. Their focus is on doing something, to discuss, to organize, to plan career or whatever appears to be constructive.


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What was your highlight in the city of cities? City breaks sometimes seem like an active vacation to me… Do you agree?

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