We did it! – crossing the Alps

And then we were there: Meran. Looking back our trip seems like a one-day-excursion. It is so weird walking on the smooth ground, on a street. We are so elated to have crossed the Alps by foot.
1072135_648370321841547_1570957941_o For seven days we strictly focused on our plans. We all had our ups and downs. But we followed our aims to reach the lodge in the afternoon and the final destination Meran. The breathtaking views and the interesting routes left us with satisfaction and a sense of achievement. We did it and we are looking forward to the next challenge!







  1. Yeey, you did it! Congratulations!!!
    Hope you treated yourself with some yummie dinner and a drink afterwards…
    Thank you for responding on my last comment. A few more questions has popped up since last time…:-)
    Alright, so…

    1. How many Days did it take for you to reach Meran from Obersdorf? (Did you have any restdays?)
    2. Is there tub-water in the huts, or do you buy the water in bottles? (Youre allowed to fill your bottle even if youre not staying in the huts, right? (since Im planing to stay in my tent near by… haha)
    3. Do you know if theres any good site to visit online for info about the trail (I’ve googled, Believe me but cant seem to find any good once!) It makes it so hard to plan for the trail without information.

    Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

  2. Sorry I didnt se your text belowe the Picture – I see now that it took you seven Days crossing the alps! 🙂 (Maybe I can reform my question – for how many hours a day did you walk?) 🙂

  3. Thank you for the reply and for the wish of luck!
    Good luck for you to in your future travells! 🙂

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