Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

Thailand. The country in which Kickboxing is a very popular sport. The country in which the best Kickboxers of the world are trained. The country in which the “Tiger Muay Thai” Camp is located.

In the middle of the Night I am getting a lift from Phuket Airport to a Martial Arts Training Camp. To the “Tiger Muay Thai” Kickbox Camp. A menacing seeming place.. I say to myself, the Darkness is the reason for strange and frightening atmosphere.

But also on the next days my respect stays. The coaches are strict and the trainees seem as if they are in their own world. Watching at or rather listening to their training is burdensome. I change my next flight to two days earlier and make a reservation in a luxury hotel. I imagine, like most of the time, that my inner happiness depends on my surroundings.

wrong decision? 

View at the Big Buddha

Seven days later I regret my rash decision. “Tiger Muay Thai” offers much more than hard, unemotional Boxing training. On Tuesdays the Big Buddha run is sheduled. A tough run with a breath-taking panorama. Excursions for stair-running and challenges on the beach are frequently on the agenda. My personal favourite ist he crossfitcourse. We perform lots of different exercises in a team and take running time as a break. The sweat is dripping and the challenge is huge. While doing Yoga in the morning I rather fall asleep, than having fun. It does not challenge me and I just go to the class because apparently its good for your muscles.

different culture, different customs

Quite often people ask me if I were afraid. Being a girl and going alone in a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand. For sure I was scared. Okay..watching a thriller stills scares me more, but yes, I was scared. To say anxiety is unnecessary, I do value as wrong. A dash of fear is good for you. My aim was to learn something new according to sports and on a emotional base. Fear makes cautious and especially intent. I know Thailand, very well indeed. The rate of rape is very low but we still need to consider a few rules. The most important is to stay out of family business. It was quite hard for me to not interact when a man shouted at his wife on the street. Even a police officer was waching without doing something. So if we learn to accept thai culture we can surely travel to a boxcamp in Thailand.

I get to know interesting and endearing people. In my courses are quite often travelers that are like me on the search for sport while being on the road. My respect fort he pro boxers stays. They focus on a sport that is agressive and unconscionable. Their training impresses me but I will avoid going to the fights.



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What do you guys think about Kickboxing especially about the Hype in thai culture? Do you know any other Martial Arts Camps that you can recommend?

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