Bikram Yoga, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is my favorite city in Europe. No matter what time of the year, I always love this city. Because my dad used to work there, I was lucky having always accommodation. Iceskating in front of the City Hall or enjoy eating frozen yoghurt in the Museum Quarter – there is always something going on in Vienna. Events such as street festivals, open-air film screenings, Christmas markets, concerts, theater, parties and many sporting events such as the annual Vienna Marathon and and and

Our apartment is ideally located close to the Prater, where you find a marked running track over 10 km. Sometimes I run, sometimes I use my Inline Skates. But sometimes I go to Bikram Yoga class.

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Citytrip, New York City, USA

“I found cheap flights to New York City.. Only we have to go next week,” a friend told me. I take her by her words, as always, when it is about travelling, very serious. I am absolutely thrilled about the idea to fly during our Easter break to the city that has already impressed me when I was a little kid. I really want to experience it again with a more adult mind. So it happens that we fly for a few days to New York. We need to book different flights, because my friend gets Bonus Miles from her dad.


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Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand

134 meters in 8.5 seconds. Motivated, thrilled and excited we drive about 45 minutes to the jumping-off-point in a Minivan. The location for the jump is situated above the Nevis River. A small gondola takes us finally up to the take-off platform. There is special glass embedded in the ground, intending to increase the adrenaline level. And yes, it works!


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