Day 7 – crossing the Alps

The last night sleeping in a Lodge lays behind us and a very long descent to Vernagt before us. From there we will drive to Meran. The descent is fun. The weather is great, the view of the Vernagt-Lake impressive.

I have never seen so intensive turquoise lake-water and I cannot wait to get closer to the lake. The last part of our trip takes less time than expected and planned. Already in the early afternoon we reach the valley.

That’s it?



  1. Hi! I am so happy that i found your blog! I’m coming from instagram and used the hashtag #E5 to get here, and even though I understand through your text that you might not be the biggest maniac when it comes to hiking – I wonder if I can ask you a couple of questions about the E5 trail?

    I am 25 year old (girl) and I’m thinking about hiking the trail solo in a few weeks. Since I dont have any hiking skills, I am abit worried about how the trail is marked. I understand that you walked between Obersdorf and Meran – would you say that the track is well makred? (Is there any risk to like get super lost?) I’m planing to walk to Verona.

    Second question…Fresh water! From where do you get the fresh water? Do you buy it from the resturant at the huts or can you drink tub water, or even the water from the lakes and rivers?

    And speaking of the huts. Do I understand it right that the track is built the way that you are supposed to walk to one hut, and the next day to another, and the next day you walk til you reach the other one… I guess what I’m trying to say is, are every hut in walking distance to the one that is next? (So you always know that you can eat food and get water at the end of each day’s hiking…)

    I am thinking of bringing my tent to keep the costs down… I dont know if that is allowed to camp out in the nature, but my plan is to find some sheltered place close to the hutts. Did you se or hear anyone bringing and using there tent?

    I honestly cant say how thankful I would be if you would answer this! I’ve searched the heck out of internet for answers to my questions, but withought any luck… (And any other tips or info you might have from your hiking experience, I’d be super happy to hear about!)

    Have a good day, and great future travells! 🙂
    // Linn, Sweden

    • Hey Linn,
      I am happy to help you out.
      Yes, there is a risk to get super lost, so be well prepared and plan your route.
      I would recommend sleeping in the lodges. If you become a member of the DAV ( you get discounts. And its really not expensive to stay there over night. You can book the lodges in the internet. So I haven’t seen anyone bringing a tent. You also get food and fresh water in the lodges.
      And yes, the distance of the huts is a day walk. But plan it well before.
      The E5 is mostly marked with red colour, but sometimes there are different options you can choose. So make sure you know which route you want to take.
      The preparations are totally worth it in the end! The nature is simply amazing and you will be so happy once you have done it!
      I hope I could help you a little. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and I try to answer them.
      Good luck with everything!
      Johanna 🙂

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