Volcano, Bali, Indonesia

At two o’clock night time the driver picks us up. He takes us two hours from our home in Canggu to our destination, the volcano Mt. Batur. The Batur is an active volcano in the North-East of Bali. On the summit breathtaking sunrises can be admired, overlooking another volcano, Mt. Agung, with 3142 meters the highest volcano in Bali. The Batur is 1717 meters high. At 4 a.m. we arrive and start our guided walk.


I am prepared for the cold, wearing warm clothes, long pants, sweater and jacket. Still, I am freezing. Not for long; during the ascent I get warm. We carry breakfast in backpacks; at the top we buy in addition hot chocolate and coffee and then we wrap ourselves in emergency blankets to keep our bodies warm. The cloud blanket is far below us, while the sun rises. It’s one of those moments when suddenly nobody says anything. The sky is orange and beautiful.

the volcano is still active

Before we begin the descent, we walk around the crater. Sometimes vapour rises from the interior of the volcano. Monkeys run around. The guide explains that the animals are the most likely trusted warning system. In case the monkeys leave the volcano and come down to the village, the volcano will erupt.

 Have you ever hiked the Batur or Agung? What are your experiences?

I hope the video gives you a little impression of our volcano tour! 

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